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Saving Grace Dance Ensemble

Company Member Information

1.  Must be 18 years old +

2.  Must have formal dance training

3.  Must be available on Tuesdays from 10:00AM - 1:30PM (September - June).  This audition and all rehearsals are located at Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater 19 Harvey Road in Bedford, New Hampshire.  

4.  If you plan to attend the audition, please contact Artistic Director Robyn Goulette at and include your resume and biography and a head shot photo.  Also, 24 hours before the audition please register for the open ballet class by going to, click on open ballet class and purchase the $15.00 class.

Saving Grace Dance Ensemble is an inspiratation, professional dance company that offers a warm and fun envirnonment to dance and perform!  We typically do 4-6 shows per season.  We offer pay in the form of an honorariums and do not require a contract.  Honorarium amounts are based on professional  training and experience and existing budgets.

Not every show is mandatory.  If you are accepted into the company, dancers are requested to give dates of conflict as soon as possible.

Many of the dancers dance with other companies.  SGDE encourages growth and performance experience, with the understanding that communication regarding dates and schedules  is extremely important to coordinate.

All costumes and accessories are provided by the company.  Dancers must provide their own foot wear and undergarments.

Our repertoire is very diverse showcasing dancers strengths while offering opportunities to grow and become part of a special community of dancers!

We have a Christian/Faith based purpose statement.  We do NOT require dancers to be part of any denomination.  Rehearsals begin with a short prayer led by Artistic Director Robyn Goulette.

Feel free to contact Robyn Goulette with any questions!