Saturday, July 20, 2019

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"Thou hast turned my mourning into dancing"  ~ Psalm 30:11 ~

Robyn Goulette brings a message of hope, healing and refreshment in her diverse choreography.  She offers artist work that will move your soul and stir your spirit.  Robyn has composed contemporary, classical and lyrical works throughout the New England area. 
Her dances are consistently threaded with thematic movement and dramatic portrayals.   Robyn’s teaching and coaching style is demanding yet encouraging.  Her charisma in rehearsals cultivates artistic, personal and spiritual growth. 
 Robyn’s combined personal experience of dancer, teacher, choreographer, friend, mentor, daughter, wife, and mother offers repertoire pertinent to our lives.
  "Her choreography is organic, visually stimulating and inspiring... the place where emotion meets interesting movement."   - Nick Repoli, dancer, teacher and massage therapist, Boston, MA -

photo by AnnMarie Lidman 


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